Saturday, June 28, 2014


I've been traveling and not writing much at all.
Living, thinking, loving, fighting, eating, drinking, playing, worrying. Lots of -ings but not writing.
Today, that changes.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

the land beneath

Pictures from the beneath...including a U district cross walk and the Monkey Pub ladies room:

 photo IMG_5838.jpg

monkeypub photo IMG_3816.jpg
crosswalk photo crosswalk.jpg

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

the heavy

How to get back to a place of lightness, energy, optimism?
Read this. Try to ignore the florid headline and proceed to the good stuff:
You are not your mind. 
Life unfolds in moments.
Most of life is imaginary.
The last one, though. Yes. Key.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


My wallet was taken this week. The mystery of it--who? how, exactly?--is frustrating. At most they got $20 and some cards that don't work anymore. It's a huge pain in the ass logistically. And, dumb. I found a bus pass last year and made an effort to track down the owner and return it. Come on karma, bring it all back home.
On a happier note, a friend from out of town popped up last weekend, recently laid-off and doing a coast-to-coast road trip. At a backyard bbq, someone removed a dried up towel from the deck. A few beers in, we named the resulting image towelfish.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

laterz May

Another May in the can. I've been living hard lately and it feels good. That said, it's been a tough month in other ways. A guy I know (and who's good friends with my fella) did something truly awful and devastating. It's impossible to wrap my head around. The line between living hard and irreversible bad decision is pretty fine, I think.
May started off funky, drinks at the new Comet (meh) and then getting sweaty with Eldridge and Lady Gravy. My niece came back from Florida and we hung out for a hott second. I spent a weekend at my place on the coast with my fella--3 days of mowing, chopping wood, clearing brush--and also a roaring fire pit, grilling farmer's market deliciousness and getting deep hard sleep out in the woods.
Back to the city and a giggly movie night with a friend, I couldn't tell you what Transcendence was about but my soul needed the laughs. The next night--the new X-Men movie and drinks after at Kangaroo and Kiwi, seated in the Mayor's booth (inadvertently) with good friends. An M's game the next day, rainy and dull, but the day was rescued with a few hours at the Market Arms with my fella's folks and a good friend, we played pool and sipped Irish coffee. Then dinner at Ray's! On Memorial Day, I looked at Dusty's journal and thought about how much I miss him. Every day. I got to hang out with my sis and Hammy, got pedicures and goofed around. The much-anticipated Gaga show was canceled last week, so my pals and I hung out on the Hill. Later, I learned about biscuits from a friendly dishwasher. A neighborhood friend and I kicked off our first-ever (and hopefully to be repeated) LQA shitty-bar-hop, with a delicious Decatur prepared by her man, and headed to the dueling piano bar  for whiskey gingers in buckets and a selfie with a good-natured visitor from DC. Friday--a day off!--some lazing around, iced coffee at Uptown, then picked up my niece for a Rudy's haircut, then backyard BBQ down south. The coals were ready long after we were but oh wells. Ballet yesterday--how did Hammy get so poised and lovely?--and capped off the month/week/night with funk and friends in Wallingford.
I need to write more--think more--feel more--photograph more--June: you will be mine.

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