Saturday, January 12, 2019


While I'm working on new stories I continue to play with the kinds of images that make me happy. Twisted glamour. Luxe with a wink. Lush has connotations I love to contemplate.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

to go forward I must look back

I had thought about a jaunty year-in-review video for busysmartypants, much like the one I produced in 2017. I don't feel quite as accomplished twelve months hence. I certainly lack the jauntiness. It's been tough and I know I'm not alone in feeling more than ready to slam the door on 2018's sorry saggy dumpster fire of an ass.
But, to go forward I must look back. How did I spend my creative time this past year?
  • I did create 11 videos in 12 months--find busysmartypants on Youtube!
  • I learned how to make gifs (SO. FUN.)--find busysmartypants on Giphy!
  • I checked out 76 books from the Seattle Public Library (and read nearly all of them).
  • I submitted one particular short story that I truly love 21 times. It's been flat out rejected nearly 2 dozen times so far, with a couple of non-replies and 3 "no but send us something else please" rejections, which are the very best kind of no's. I'm still revising and still sending it out. You don't get to yes without a lot of no's.
  • And I started at least 4 new story drafts, all in progress and getting better with each edit.
As for today: I slept in. I made coffee and did some yoga and then I cleaned my apartment. I vacuumed and dusted and scrubbed. I took out the lint from the vacuum cleaner and emptied the compost and the little bathroom trash can. I mended a torn shirt and put away some random bits.
Happy new year to everyone.
Let's make 2019 a better, kinder, more equitable place for people, animals, and the planet.
To be human is to have hope.

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