Saturday, November 10, 2018

the motivation

I'm always always always thinking about how I'm spending my time.
Self care is of primary importance these days, n'est pas?
But creating is part of the way I care for my self, and I seem to never have enough time to create.
See what I wrote there? "I seem to never have enough time."
Why is that?
I have the same 24 hours a day as everybody else.
Deduct work (9.5 hours/day), commute (1 hour), sleep (8ish) and getting out of bed/getting into bed (1ish) and that equals about 19.5 hours of a 24 hour day.
How do I account for the other 4.5 hours per day?
Good question.
I'm also working a part time job (4 to 5 hours a week) and a couple of volunteer jobs (4 to 5 hours a month) which eat up some of those hours.
FOMO is real and I have a hard time saying no to happy hours, art walks, friend hangouts, shows, and so on and so such.
Not to mention, the fella in my life and the time I get to spend with family.
These things are important though and contribute overall to my happiness and my fulfillment as a creative person and functioning human being, so they must be allowed, or even encouraged.
I'm thinking I need to reduce some of the working hours. I'm a half-hearted capitalist at best. Why should I waste more and more years toiling for the Man (even if my employer is led by a lesbian immigrant) when I could be spending time on me, mine, and my imagination?
This article about women writers over forty inspires me today.

Saturday, November 3, 2018


Something has been on my mind for awhile. I'm suddenly in a phase where a lot of my friends are in serious relationships and have disappeared. Gone, down the s.o. wormhole.
No more aimless roaming around town.
No more $5 shows, a quick smoke in the parking lot on the corner, and a loud dirty band in a dive bar.
Where I invite a pal to hang out and they have to check with the s.o.
Where I invite a pal to hang out and they show up with the s.o.
Where I feel like a third wheel.
Where even if the s.o. doesn't come with, all I hear about is the s.o.
Where I get "we'd."
"We're in."
"Oh, we love that."
"We had a busy weekend, better not."
I am happy that my pals are getting loved up.
I really like most of the s.o.'s. Not the mean ones, or the ones that pick fights. But most of them are rad people!
It makes me feel like somewhat of a placeholder. When they were single and had free time it was fine to hang out.
But now they're busy.
Now they hang out with other couples, maybe go to brunch.
They'll be back, I guess. Once the shine's off the apple.
If there's kids though, then it's over. See ya in 18 years, losers.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

women in flight

You might remember from my last video, that I was bemoaning the dearth of female travel writers.
Well, I did some homework, made up a list for my Seattle Public Library account, and started reading. Today I review 2 books by women travelers in Yemen and in the Congo, both in the 1930's:
Freya Stark's A Winter in Arabia, and Emily Hahn's Congo Solo.
At a time when the world was gearing up for war and women had only recently gotten the vote in the US and were still viewed as inferior beings, these women traveled far, oftentimes alone, and stayed for months, learning a culture and shedding some of their assumptions and biases. Hahn in particular is a vivacious writer (and indeed wrote for the New Yorker for many years).
Bon voyage!

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