Sunday, July 26, 2015

chbp 2015

Every year I say this is it, no more Block Party for me. Yet, here I am again with a grimy 3-day pass bracelet and a hangover. Bands of note so far:
  • Shabazz Palaces played an eclectic set, with drumming, humming, and enough choreography and old-fashioned rhyming that I realized they could pull off whatever the hell they want whenever they want
  • Killing time at Cha cha, we sipped on Jameson's slushies and compared Grenades with Great Falls (I'm no metal head but the latter rocked it)
  • Jarv Dee and Moor Gang alum Gifted Gab delivered a fun, dancy hip hop set
  • Brothers from Another--adorable boy-band hip hop lite
  • The Fabulous Party Boys got us dancing and made me long for a sequined jumpsuit
Filed in the guess-I'm-not-cool-enough drawer, I realized Don't Talk to the Cops were part of a semi-secret show last night, a block away from CHBP and the baby-raver shenanigans that chased us away from Com Truise (booked at Vera instead of the main stage or Neumo's, WHYYYYYYYY!).

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