Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In which I am schooled

A 25-year-old friend--student, cartoonist, gym rat--told me he'd read my story that came out in Neon Beam in March. You should think about adding some humor to your writing, he said. You know, funny sells.
I'd thought there were a lot of funny things in the story. Well gee thanks, I said, insincerely.
He went on, It's like when my friends text me, if they say Hey what are you up to, I probably won't text back. But if they say, Hey hooker, why don't you roll outta the bed and come rob a bank with us, I'll text 'em back, because they were funny.
I'm thinking about what he said. Maybe my funny is too subtle. Maybe my funny just isn't all that funny. A writer friend said she thought I had a trenchant sense of humor. Compliment? I dunno. In any case, it all feels a little like that Simpson's episode where Homer berates the television: stupid TV, be more funny.

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  1. Trenchant, definitely. I'd say it's a compliment. He seems so much younger than 25 as well. If I hadn't known his age I would have guessed in the 16-18 range. I don't know maybe that's a sign I'm old and out of touch if I'm guessing a 25 year old to be 16.

    Sorry, let me know if I shouldn't be commenting on your postings. Maggie


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