Wednesday, March 20, 2019

over. it.

Today I write from a place of pain, and sadness.
This year has not been the friendliest.
Yes, duh, I know, but I don't mean in the cosmic sense, or Madness USA #wereallgonnadie sense.
(That's starting to feel like the norm--not normal--but, reality.)
For me personally, in my own private universe, things have just felt -- off.
Work is kind of a nightmare.
Last week I smashed up my knee, again. Every painful hobble is a reminder to slow down, to get some rest, to chill.
And this week, a person I love so dearly is not doing well, will probably not do well ever again, and I am feeling all the emotions.
I know I'll be okay and we'll be okay but this good-bye forever stuff is hard.
It takes me back 15 years and saying good-bye forever to my mother.
After the sleepless night and the hot tears and the chaotic decisions, and then -- the quiet. The cold despair.
Then, emerging from the hospital into the brilliant Arizona sun, and realizing in a flash that I would never walk the planet with my mother again.
I couldn't believe it, and yet I could never un-know it.
It was the most singularly painful moment of my life, so far, and still.
I did everything I could for her, and I don't regret it. The tears and sadness just remind me that she was a person, my person, and I will always miss her.
I wish I had a cheery adieu for this today, but I don't.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Saturday, March 2, 2019

welcome, Stranger

Today we congratulate The Stranger, Seattle's sort-of alt-weekly free newspaper, for putting down the vape and recognizing the Seattle hip-hop scene. To sum up the thoughts of myself and pretty much everyone with aural awareness in the 206, we been knowing this.
Still, nice to see a little hometown love for artists I have been keeping an ear on including Parisalexa and Kung Foo Grip.
New-ish to me was Travis Thompson, who just signed with Epic Records.

And the delightful Chong the Nomad!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

super duper supercut

One week ago, a motley assemblage of insanely talented rad comrades assembled at Hollow Earth Radio, to perform the 7th annual rad comrades super duper audio play.
Superhero Quantum Pax, her sidekicks and BFF's Loocy Paloochi and Jean Cluck Van Damme, join forces with Esperanto creator L.L. Zamendorf to calm Godzilla and fight 3 evil goons -- Creamsicle Crony, Barry Piroshky, and the Salad Prince--who are plotting to take over the world.
To listen to the entire play--you know you want to!--go to:

BSP Videos