Don’t be afraid to be confused. Try to remain permanently confused. Anything is possible. Stay open, forever, so open it hurts, and then open up some more, until the day you die, world without end, amen.
George Saunders

Saturday, March 14, 2015

the end is the beginning is the end

Not much to say today because I have this story on my mind.
The ending, specifically. I am not sure how to end it and I know the beginning of the story will tell me how to finish it.
Yet--I haven't quite figured it out.
I wrote every word, and it's a mystery to me.
This photo is of a seat somewhere in New York.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

found: a dollar

I tried on some gray hoodies and coats at Crossroads yesterday.
This Gap blazer had a wadded up dollar in the pocket.
I debated the seven dollar purchase and did not buy the blazer. Nor did I take the dollar.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

the big red 9

I read at open mic on Thursday, though I didn't want to, especially. What I read didn't get laughs where I thought it might, so clearly I have work to do. The vibe was odd, too, perhaps due to the full moon? The March full moon is known as the full worm moon.
Lunch with a good friend on Friday, followed by beach time with Ms Hammy. Yesterday, a leisurely morning (which can be anxiety provoking)--and then a long bus ride north, with stops at a brew shop, an Ethiopian market, a retail 420 shoppe, and then an afternoon helping a friend move a mountain of wood chips, interspersed with beer breaks and tossing around
a tennis ball for tiny terrier Jack to fetch. We finished the evening at the Viking, with pickle chips and pitchers of Rolling Rock. On the walk home, this enormous glowing red 9 loomed overhead.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


It's been a week of reconnecting, a weeknight show with a long-time friend--THEESatisfaction's new album!--dinner another night with another good pal. It feels good.
It's all ebb and flow. I'm down for some flow.
Gifted Gab was the opener, and boy can this girl spit. I'm a fan. Here's her bandcamp.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

the vibe

A weird run today. After spending a day indoors yesterday--completely worn out and fighting a bug--I ran the long route today, a brisk, windy morning. At Starbucks, a cluster of cars trying to get into the drive-thru, and an empty parking lot. I ran into the street, dodging the ginormous SUV blocking the sidewalk. The panhandler who's usually by the exit gave me a "whaddya gonna do" shrug and I said Guess he needs his coffee and we laughed and he half-screamed It's urgent! Farther along, 2 pedestrians, one apparently on the phone but said Hi, another puffing on a Swisher Sweet and called How ya doing.
Next, a dead rat flopped on the path, which I jumped over, last minute. Then, towards the end, I passed a flushed-looking female runner coming the other direction. Next thing, she's running past me, apparently having U-turned and turned on the afterburners. Sprinted past me, and then stopped a few yards later. It's infuriating to be used to clock some lame ass's run. I wanted to clock something, all right.
Now--coffee and words.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Bittersweet is great for chocolate but tough on the heart. Missing my momash today.
Eleven years since I kissed her goodbye for the last time.
At the coffee shop today I picked up a heart-n-hatchet cookie.
Seems appropriate for this conflicted kind of day.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

thinkng about movng... Tumblr--it's so easy to reblog and seems more now.
Blogger feels so 1992. The cool kids left ages ago which I don't care about but maybe I do, since I'm mentioning it?
On the other hand, I've seen a few Myspace pages recently. Huh.
Or possibly a Facebook persona page.
I dunno. I'm thinking about it though.