Saturday, November 24, 2012

a few words from thad wenatchee

well, what's all this talk about the future???
where is my hoverboard @..

and where are my messages from space ??

we've been hanging out today, feeling the rotation of the earth, talkin' bout good times. i would suggest to you to mostly do that all the time with your friends.
as Elise once said today, somethin like Spicoli, "what the f*** is work good for??"
it's good for money. but otherwise, coffee buddies and jalepeno cheese puffs and Earl Sweatshirt traxx.

what's it worth to you to ride the wavve, ride the stream ??? it's your value, your perception that dictates it's worth. and you already knew that.

this winter, the weather will be mild, the mood will be wobbley, and the portals will be open.
let's chill and listen to good music and get good work done and laugh a lot and drink mostly clean liquids.

live savage and hug your friends and eat well. and stuff.

oh, and the end of the world has already happened. so chill.

- tw
   nov mmxii

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

so I wrote this thing

So I wrote this thing. A story thing. I wrote it and been editing it for a few months and feel like it's something special.
I've been sending it out to various journals and magazines, looking for a home, possibly a paying home.
But so far, no dice.
Could it be stronger?
Less weird<-->Less conventional?
Should more happen? Or less?
It's the pushmi-pullyu of the writer.
I want to trust my ear, my voice, my words. And yet I want to be open to making it better.
Such a metaphorical situation: confidence vs. humility.
May the best noun win.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

the give

I have such good people in my life, so generous and thoughtful.
Tonight a chef friend poured bubbly and fed me and others morsels she'd labored over for days. Then she sent us home with a clove-scented favor. Friday night I arrived at some other friends' house, cold and wet and tired from work and a long bus ride. They greeted me with kisses and hugs and smiles and a manhattan, perfectly delicious right down to two whiskey-soaked cherries.Yesterday my sister picked me up after another long bus ride (a theme here, no?) and later, my niece shared her favorite bubble gum from Uwajimaya and as we sat next to each other on massage chairs, she patiently leafed through People magazine to show me just the right handsomely-scruffy celebrity.
The best gifts are these, off the list and offered without reserve.

Monday, November 12, 2012


This was my view just a few short days ago.
Home now after nearly a month away, and I'm cleaning house.
Big changes coming. Stay tuned.

bsp videos don't sleep on 'em