Saturday, July 28, 2018

heat dazed

We are apparently at that time of the 206 summer where it is going to be 85 to 95 degrees every day. We've gone beyond hot to crispy.
The lack of air conditioning means my apartment is uninhabitable from 2pm to 8pm daily.
And it's still only July.
So, I've been socializing a lot.
Friends' birthday gathering on Monday (not super veg friendly so I ate 2 orders of potatoes).
Tuesday night BBQ.
Wednesday trivia with pals.
Thursday hh in air conditioned comfort.
Friday a random Clinton Fearon sighting and ramble through Volunteer Park.
Today a block party and hopefully some shade.
First though, writing, creating, contemplating.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

silly weekend music

Three words summing up the past three days.
A buddy and I volunteered at CHBP on Friday in order to earn a free Saturday pass. We showed up around 7.30, and after seven or so minutes of training/"shadowing," we spent the next three hours scanning tickets and handing out wristbands. The line stretched all the way around the block, past Molly Moon and quite possibly out to Broadway, until nearly 10.30pm. The crowd was mostly cheerful, save for the occasional scammer and two very drunk people, and I must say the people-watching and eavesdropping were stellar: enough booty shorts and bra tops to populate the rest of 2018's rap videos, and lots of excited young cuties. Pro tip for the guys--stop clenching your hand into a fist while I try to slide on the wrist-band. It's weird and wastes everybody's time.
Saturday we showed up with our free (sorta) wristbands, feeling zero pressure to get our moneys' worth, but also feeling about two decades too old for most of the bands. Holing up at Cha Cha and the other 21-and-over venues seemed like a good bet, although I did get to check out Parisalexa at Vera. Other highlights: a bluesy kind of artist (Kylie Nelson) at Barboza (her band was toight!) and punk rockers Pink Parts -- I managed to hear about three of their songs and def want to see them again.
Today I enjoyed this video: Can I Get a Box? Lordy.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

i've been watching

I've been watching episodes of Queer Eye--the original Queer Eye--from the very first season, aired on Bravo in 2003 (most of season one is on Youtube). Besides all of the cringe-worthy aughties' hair--razor cut highlights, anyone?--and Carson Kressley zingers (I used to have hair just like yours. But I also used to be named Louise and I lived in Germany)--besides all of this, the thing I've noticed most is how unbelievably fragile a lot of the makeover candidate dudes are.
What is it with this disconnection between fiction (men are big/tough/strong/pillars of emotionless steel) and reality: VJ/Lost Boy Steven Smith petulantly refusing to tuck his big boy shirt into his pants? The war veteran who couldn't find his own kitchen if the path was tattooed on one of his gym-wrought biceps.
I know I know, toxic masculinity, male fragility and all that.
I'm just tres tired of maintaining the fiction.
Dang-a-langs aside (and they should be), some guys are good at life, some aren't.
Some women are, a few aren't.
Most women though, I have to say, are ballers. Tough as tanned bark, accomplished, smart, and quick learners, and they look great and smell nice and do 75% of the housework.
Shout out to my girls.
Stay cool, everyone.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

where i find peace (new video!)

My new video highlights some of the beautiful things in my life.
Things I retreat to/gaze on/try on when I feel most stressed*.
(*not including chocolate or whiskey)

bsp videos don't sleep on 'em