Monday, July 28, 2014

chbp 2014

Another one in the can! Three days of music, sun and friends, dranking beer and smoking and doing tequila shots and dancing and hanging out. HOLYCHILD, Shaprece, The Dip--see you again soon, I hope. A$AP Ferg, Odesza and Chromeo, honorable mention, kids, thanks for a fun weekend.
Thinking about my sid today, it's a momentous--but not joyous--one.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014


It's been a fun week of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. A handsome someone from Santa Barbara was in town for a day and the old crew got together in the loft at Belltown Pub on a steamy, ninety-something July evening. We took turns standing in front of the fan, misting ourselves with a spray bottle. And, I'll never look at bratwurst in the same way again. My traveling pal's man is in town from Europe and we had a fun night Friday drinking whisky and Fireball with iced coffee and cream. Ms. Hammy and I hung out all Saturday afternoon, shopping at Momo, then grabbing a Car2Go up to the hill, a spicy lunch at Rancho Bravo, and perusing art supplies at Blick. She danced, she sang, she prodded me not to forget her birthday. Later, one of my besties and I hung out with a friend in town from the Bay Area, sharing laughs and Seahawks stories and beers at Five Point--crowded with weary Bite visitors and accompanied by a heavy metal soundtrack. Later, a quick walk down to Shorty's for one more drink, then pretzels and fried cheese curds at Bravehorse. Still later on, my man and I relaxed and caught up at home over with a Manhattan and big band music.
With all this loveliness, I find myself getting whiny, whingey, unpleasantly petty, and then I read the news and it's all bad and I just feel ashamed of myself: drunken criminals rifling through dead passengers' belongings in Ukraine--a friends' sister-in-law passing away after nearly two decades of fighting cancer--unceasing fighting in the Middle East--it's a ghastly time. I worry.
What does one do? Can one do?
Why am I so lucky? Are we unredeemable, lost without all hope?
It all seems so bad. I want to have hope. I want peace.

Friday, July 18, 2014

signs of note

It's been hot (I know, Seattle-ite stop whining) but it has been, and I was wandering around in a heat-daze at lunchtime the other day, trying to find a vegan grocery way up on the Ave.
Hopping from shady spot to shady spot, I saw a sign in a bar that said "Soup of the day - whiskey," which made me laugh.
I found the grocery and wow is it the motherlode. I wanted mineral SPF which they didn't have but I did scoop this crazy delicious spicy jerky and some fruity gumballs.
On my way back to work I saw another sign, which said, "If you were looking for a sign, this is it."
That's all I got. Happy Friday.

Monday, July 7, 2014


So, June. Yes June. Good stuff..quietly brilliantly fun.
The Farestart party with my sis on her birthday. Not much vegetarian fare so I stuck to whisky, wine and dessert. My wallet stolen at a work party on the same day...and mysteriously returned a week later.
A whiskey date with a good pal.
Hanging out with Hammy--lipstick! Veggie Grill!--on her last day of school.
A long weekend on the coast--mowing, chopping, grilling and hanging out, then a cool drizzly couple of days at the beach with the fam.
The Pride march with good friends.
C'est tout.

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