Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I'm pretty sure my gramma Marguerite says "winduh." As in, look out the winduh. There's something so comforting about listening to her talk. A plain-spoken woman of the Plains. She's nearly my last close tie to my Mom, and she's been my confidant since I was little.
"Uh-leeze, let me tell you something" precedes a nugget of advice.
If she's tasted something delicious, she'll let out a "whoo-eeee was that ever good."
She insisted on calling the daffodils at my mom's house jonquils.
I took pictures along Fremont Avenue tonight of some windows. Some winduhs. A cold fall dusk-into-twilight yielded shots that caught my eye.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

holy holy

In show news: I saw Holy Ghost! at Neumo's this week. I ran into them a couple of years ago when they opened for Chromeo, and happily danced myself into a sweaty mess once again. I'm a sucker for any band that can get sludgy Seattle blood flowing and hips shaking. The show was no slouch, with about six keyboards onstage and plenty of eye candy. I should also mention Midnight Magic, the sultry opener--it was a sweet electro disco treat of a night. And big ups to my pal thad wenatchee, who showcased some fresh beats at the Josephine a week ago, and has more shows coming up this fall.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

the view

The rejections continue to roll in. It's vexing. I need--what? More time, more energy, more creativity?
More something.
Have I mentioned yoga before? I try to get to a class once a week, try to do some on my own, with videos that don't make me want to throw my laptop out the window. My fave right now is this delightful lady. She starts each practice with, "Namaste, beautiful yogis."
I dunno about the medical evidence for yoga but it feels good to stretch, to work within what I can do, to breathe deep and open up and lean into the pain.
That said--I'm not a fan of yoga people.
What--who--are yoga people?
I have this idea that they are ascetically snobbish, bending their knees behind their heads and looking down on the rest of us in our tight, constricted little lives.
A good friend recently returned from a trip overseas building houses. She told me about hating to return to her sterile life and I realized the smugness has set in with me again.
My view on life needs adjusting.
I need to adjust my view on life.

bsp videos don't sleep on 'em