Saturday, October 18, 2008

HBD BKres!

17 years ago tomorrow, my niece was born. I have watched her grow from a chatty two-year-old to a smart, stylish teenager who is already starting to think about such serious things as college and animal rights and the Jonas Brothers.
This is one of my favorite pictures of her, standing in Times Square on a cold March midnight in 2007. The rest of the family was passed out our hotel, but BKres and I roamed the city, in search of hot chocolate and adventures. The picture is tiny but I'll never forget that night.
Happy B-day BKres! I love ya lots.


  1. What about your other totally awesome, coolest niece??? Haha! Just kidding! But still... Love ya!

  2. Thanks Aunt Elise! That's one of my best memories of New York. I love all of the lights and all of the people and best of all, it was just you and me. I don't think i would remember it being as nice if it was with the whole family. thanks for taking me out that night!


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