Friday, September 18, 2009

Pocket knowledge

I found this petal on a walk this morning and brought it home.

Remember when you were a kid and your pockets were always full of stuff you had accumulated during the day?
I just inventoried the pockets of the jackets hanging by my back door.

  • 1 ponytail holder, orange
  • 1 black bobby pin
  • 1 grocery store receipt from August for, among other things, GLPF CK/CKY
  • 1 pink price tag for something that cost $5.00
  • a few too many tissues
  • 1 McCormick & Schmick's matchbox
  • $3.11 in dollar bills and change
  • 1 yellow post-it marked "2619 Broadview"
  • 1 movie stub for "Departed" dated 10/15/06
I love finding forgotten money in my pockets, but I can never find a bobby pin when I need one. It's the flotsam of life. It's what archeologists will be digging up in a hundred years and trying to piece together our stories.

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