Friday, October 23, 2009

Overheard around town, part hmmmph

Kid on the Ave: Dude, that gay guy in Red Light--he looked at me!

Guy on the 373 bus (on the phone): Yeah we caught all our buses. We'll be there in 5 minutes. No, it's not like we're gonna beat him up or anything. We're just gonna steal his dope. (Hangs up and hands phone back to his pal.) Your battery says extremely low. Not just low--extremely low. (Laughs loudly. I see he has H-A-T-E tattooed on his knuckles. Relieved when he de-buses to go steal dope.)

Me (asking rocket scientist about upcoming mountain observatory expedition): Is it going to be a tent situation?
Rocket scientist: Excuse me?
Me: (repeat)
Rocket scientist (giving me troubled look): No, it won't be tense at all. In fact I think it'll be quite relaxing.

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