Friday, April 9, 2010

Seattle urban art

Got something to talk about but it's not quite ready.
In the meantime check out these links to urban art in Seattle. As for what "urban art" is -- I'm not quite sure, other than it feels fresh and immediate and badass. And may not set you back six figures.

s3a hosts links to a bunch of galleries and neighborhoods
Bherd Studios -- gonna check out an artist opening there Friday night
**Solace -- I bought one of his pieces at Bherd
**Nate Stottrup does woodcuts and confided to me that he posted a bunch of prints to utility poles in Ballard not long ago (keep your eyes open people)
ArtWorks features murals along the light rail route to the airport
Seattle Mural Art
Augie Pagan is a friend of a friend doing a lot of cool stuff
Free Sheep Foundation seem to have regrouped on fb

If you know of others, hit me up in the comments.

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