Thursday, May 6, 2010


People have been talking to me lately about words. Not Ph.D types either, just your normal run-of-da-mill type persons. (I'm using "normal" loosely here but you know that.)

So douche seems to be a prefix among the young-uns and can be tacked on to form new words like douche-apotamous and douche-adactyl.

Someone else was giggling about their great-aunt calling someone a simpleton. I was so little I didn't know what it meant exactly but I got the gist. Then my co-worker and I spent far too long exchanging bad puns about challah and holla.

My mom was a purist and despised alternate spellings and using words like incent as verbs. Me, I think if language isn't changing it's dead, and who wants to use dead materiel to talk about life's shizz?

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