Monday, February 14, 2011

Miss you Momash

We lost my mother 7 years ago today.
My sis, niece and I made our annual trek to the cemetery. It's pretty remote so we had a little trouble finding it. Then, when we finally arrived, we had trouble finding Mom! We walked up and down the rows, careful not to step on any of the stones. Finally I yelled "Mom! Did you move and not tell us?"
We all cracked up. That would have been classic Mom.
We found her, finally, set down some daisies and chocolate covered graham crackers and told stories, how she gave my niece her first diet soda at 8 months, how the former health-food-nut thrived in later years on a diet of cheeseburgers and brownies.
It's still hard to believe, and harder still to find a way to write or talk about it. I'm just glad we had her, and glad my sisters and I have each other.

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