Sunday, April 3, 2011

The heavy

This guy I know asks me all sorts of interesting questions.
If all your friends were in a room together, what would they all say about you? ~ Do you have anyone you can talk to about more than surface things? ~ What are you like in real life?
Incisive questions. Deep. Shrink-like, no?
Well okay, the guy's my shrink. So that part makes sense.
Anyway. It's good to be asked such questions. I think about them long after our appointments.
I don't know what my friends would say about me, honestly. I'm not sure what I'm like in real life, whatever that is. And while there are a lot of silly conversations going on (in a battle between a unicorn and Pegasus, who would win?), there are deep ones, too. What we're doing to improve ourselves. Creative snafus. The fleeting nature of happiness. Religion, alcoholism, the future, cancer, longing.
The stuff of French films and the very best music.

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