Sunday, August 7, 2011


Somehow this turned into a kid-centric weekend. And I don't even have kids! Friday night I saw a friend perform in the Seattle Children's Theatre production of Avenue Q. "The Internet is for Porn" didn't make the cut (hehe) but I've never seen the 21+ version of the show so I dunno what I'm missing anyway. The SCT crew did great, and I officially heart Trekkie Monster.
Saturday I checked out the Rain City Rock Camp performance at Neumo's. At one in the afternoon, both bars were closed and a group of oh-em-gee 11-year-olds made me guess their ages (they guessed mine too, and were merciful).
Later on, a friend wangled us onto the guest list at the C89.5 listener appreciation party at Neighbors (thanks DJ Scott Binder!). Students from Nathan Hale High School run the station and some of their croaky-voiced compadres were working the door, taking tickets and failing to issue us wristbands. Inside was a sweaty hott mess and we danced until we were exhausted, then repaired to the VIP area to drink and check out the names and the faces, the drag queens and the hangers-on and the nobodies.
I dare you to not dance to today's soundtrack:

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