Thursday, October 6, 2011

something new

In college I wrote a paper comparing a Goethe poem, "Der Erlkönig," with one of my favorite Willa Cather short stories, "Paul's Case." The professor was skeptical but I sensed a thread tying the two together and I made a convincing-enough case to scoop a decent grade.
That's creativity isn't it? Making fresh connections. Hearing and seeing things in your own way. We all live in our own universes and the best art is a peek across galaxies.
Last night I went to the sold-out Neon Indian show at the Crocodile. The headliner and 2nd opener Com Truise were better than good; my pal and I danced ourselves into exhaustion. But the beats I'm still thinking about were from Purity Ring, a steampunky duo who mystified and thrilled.
They don't have much on line but here's a bootleg video from a show in Cali:

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