Monday, November 28, 2011

the fit

When you go on a long trip, people say, "have fun, take lots of pictures."
I'm a pretty good traveler but a terrible picture taker. I didn't even take a camera this last time, just a phone with an okay camera. I did make some cool videos though, and some recordings.
So, we'll see.
afrika ya mashariki 2011
The more I travel, the less I feel like I belong anywhere. When I'm home, I'm thinking about there, and when I'm there, I'm so clearly an outsider, not at home, a mzungu, a faranji. Do I need to fit in? Or do I just need to be content when I've found my people, whether that's in Seattle or Dar es Salaam?
Anyway, here are the pictures I did manage to take, seventy-six seconds out of three million or so.

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