Saturday, April 7, 2012

the minus

Today's blog post brought to you by the word: loss
Yes, I said it. Wrote it. Whatever.
People don't like to talk out loud about loss. It's a separator. Because, what if you're alone?
I'm a loner, I admit that. There's stuff I gotta and wanna do by myself. But I want to be a loner  by choice.
I want to have friends. I want to feel wanted and loved and even cherished (corny, I know!).
My shrink observes that I've suffered a lot of loss. My mom, my beloved grandpa. An absconded father. A divorce. Some friends have gone away into relationships. I hope it's temporary. I love them still of course; there's also this feeling that my friendship was kind of a time-killer until someone more important came along. It's the way things roll but it still makes me sad.
But guess what? My grandma always calls me darling and says how much she loves me. She's supposed to do that, I guess. Part of the grandma job description. But I tell you what, each time she says these things it's a verbal hug and I feel good inside, warm and a little misty.
Okay now watch this. Super NSFW but damn funny:

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