Saturday, September 1, 2012

the lowdown, the letdown, the runaround

So I got to spend some time in Kansas a couple of weeks ago. These bricks leading to the back yard were most likely laid by my grandpa Dusty decades ago. It feels good to be where he was, to sleep in the house he helped build, to sit on lawn chairs at dusk with my grandma and the fam and watch the neighborhood go by.
It was a long relaxing vacay if you ask me--a family dinner at Gella's, lots of laughs and beer with my aunt and cousins, a road trip west to visit more family; then a few days on the opposite coast with my favorite wild man, music and whiskey and jaunts to the City and tubing and camping and a couple of all-nighters.
Now, reality again, and I'm scared to face it. A friend told me that sometimes the answer you get is not the answer you want. Life is giving me a lot of answers, some of them mean and direct and difficult to hear. I hope I can listen and not break.

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