Wednesday, February 6, 2013


A bit of justice was served today, about 260 days after the fact.
The fact I don't want to go into here, other than to say that in the not too distant past, a pathetic and cowardly person did awful things to some young people I know and care about.
So big ups tonite to my sister and her husband and my other sister and her family and the rest of the fam and friends who have sent good thoughts and prayers and scoured the internets and sat up late and got up early and wished for justice/revenge/karma to hit hard and without mercy, like a runaway train.
There's a pretty amazing kiddo in the mix who is young still and needs protection, who will never know how much this has cost, but she doesn't need to know, she just needs to grow up with hugs and love and security.
C'est tout on a cold and rainy night in Seattle.

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