Saturday, November 16, 2013

strength in tumblrs

Good things of the week:
  • Live music! my homeskillets thad and kelly kicked off their west coast tour with a free weeknight show at Narwhal--with some fresh young MCs and some seasoned ones as well
  • And cool merch from Depandable Services (sweatshirts gimme!)
  • Catch up time with a fellow traveler and adventurer and more live music, this time free jazz courtesy of the Cornish jazz band
  • Me + laptop + stories = writing time
  • Drinks and smokes and laughs (laughs-->nonstop giggling) at Priscilla Queen of the Desert with dance music and sparkles and beautiful men and my lovely lovely J&J
Good things today:
  • Morning cuddles and hot coffee
  • A long run
  • Catch up time with a gorgeous and enigmatic barista friend
  • Me + laptop + stories = writing time
    • Including a trip down the internet wormhole. It's the equivalent of hanging out with your besties--feeling comforted and warm and hilarious and understood

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