Monday, September 8, 2014

i need dis

A guy on the street told me a joke yesterday. "What's the best vitamin for friendship?"
I was in a hurry and wished, just once, not to get chatted up. But, I summoned up patience and said, as I walked past, "I don't know, what?"
"B-1," he chortled. "Have a great day."
It was Hammy's 12th birthday and my Sid and I treated her to a decadent brunch including fresh hot cinnamon-sugar doughnuts with tiny bowls of mascarpone and currant jam. I gave her a card with moustaches on it (the inside also wished a happy birthday to a handsome fellow, which I had to X out, oops), and some flowers, and gift cards, and chocolate-covered nougat from De Laurenti. She's got so much confidence and talent and she's developing into such a lovely girl. I hope she knows how much I love and treasure her.

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