Saturday, March 19, 2016

it's alive

So we had diversity training at work this week.
Four hours of sitting in a stuffy conference room with co-workers watching a Powerpoint show and participating in interactive exercises. Sound like a recipe for eyeball-numbing boredom? It was actually interesting and entertaining and sort of fun.
Except. EXCEPT.
Except for the small-minded bigots (I witnessed two, possibly three) who sat sullenly, arms crossed, non-participating, combative when spoken to, for the entire four hours.
Sexism is alive and well; as a female I can vouch for that, and this session was no exception.
Racism, homophobia and all their neanderthal cousins seem to survive as well.
This isn't a huge surprise, given the political climate now, but still, shocking to witness it in person.
From adults.
From educated humans who ought to know better.
It makes me so tired.
So very sick and tired.
We haven't evolved much. We've survived. I wonder for how much longer.
Reading a Sylvia Plath biography at the moment. Author Anne Stevenson's hostility is so barely concealed. I feel like I need another bio just to balance the picture.
New (to me) music: Tkay Maidza, Australian hip hop artist and super cool girl.
This video tho.

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