Saturday, May 28, 2016

where ya at

What to write about today?
I sit here post-yoga feeling mellow, reflecting on the week.
The weather has been cloudy and cool for a few days, for which I'm so grateful.
I was able to do some volunteer work this week. It was, as always, both rewarding and frustrating: listening to the graduates' speeches vs hearing that one recent graduate spent the last 3 weeks in jail.
Meeting with my shrink this week was contentious but not as demoralizing as last week.
The more I learn about misophonia the more I'm convinced it's neurological, not audiological, and that all of the known treatments are merely band-aids. Temporary and incomplete. I'm not hopeless but it's frustrating.
Summer is nearly here and already there's so much to anticipate: road trips with my niece, a family reunion, shows and performances and movies and events.
With that, it's time to write.

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