Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Dog Named Gary

Yesterday I was chatting with an older co-worker about movies. He asked if I'd seen "Gary the Rabid Dog." I laughed--thought, Wow this guy has some eclectic tastes--and said I hadn't.

Now, to give some context, we were in a minivan on the freeway and there were four co-workers chatting in the back, so the ambient noise level was high. Also, we'd just commented on how much we hated movie snobs, so I was reluctant to self-identify as a snob.

My movie-fan co-worker continued to talk about this movie, how original it was, that it starred Klaus Kinski, and I realized very belatedly that he had asked me if I'd seen "Aguirre, The Wrath of God."

I admitted to him, apologetically, that I'd misheard. I've seen Aguirre. It's a hard movie to forget. And I still think "Gary the Rabid Dog" has potential.

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