Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Street art snaps as an antidote to social anxiety

Here are 2 snapshots from that tunnel o'graffiti I returned to last week.
They are almost left brain/right brain pieces of art.
The top one feels rational and measured and planned, a play on telephone lines, with even the stop sign painted to blend into the overall work.
The bottom one has a more joyous air -- although the little guy on the left looks like love might have killed him off.

Did I mention I'm a big chicken? That stopping to take a picture in front of half a dozen bus stop loiterers actually gave me indigestion?
It was a real left brain/right brain conundrum. I wanted the pictures badly (left brain, task-oriented) but I was having trouble not worrying about people seeing me, judging me, wondering what the H I was doing (clamping down on poor old free-thinking right brain).
In the end, I stopped to take the pictures. A few buses rumbled by. A college kid, in a hoody and low-slung skinny jeans, walked by, too absorbed in his iPod to pay me any notice.

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