Sunday, March 8, 2009

Five Whys

We do this exercise at work called The Five Whys. You take a situation and keep asking Why. It's designed to help you get to cause and effect. (Here's a fun example.)

I like it because you get to channel your inner three-year-old.

On my 2-hour ramble around town yesterday, some Whys came to mind:
  • Why are old people incapable of queueing? After surviving yet another episode of "swarm and bumble at the farmer's market," I swear they are like bats without sonar. (NOTE: "old people" = 10 years older than I and yes it's a moving metric)
  • Why was there a necklace and a pair of glasses hanging from the branches of a neighbor's tree?
  • Why does the dog always do his business either a.) in front of restaurant windows or b.) on that delectable patch of ground beyond the drainage ditch and covered in spiky bushes?
  • This isn't a Why exactly but is there anything cooler than the word "thundersnow?" I heard it in last week's forecast.

Sign me...still wondering.

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