Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I say it because it's true

I'm not what I'd consider a sentimental person.
I've tossed out nearly every letter my mom wrote me during my college years -- and there were a lot: these were the prehistoric days before e-mail, and it took me almost 8 years to graduate.
So -- no record of my mom's letters, her small, precise cursive, her cheery greetings, her corny jokes.
But I do still possess my original Pee-Wee Herman Fan Club t-shirt.
And my M-m-m-max Headroom mask.
And my chunk of the Berlin wall.
It's anyone's guess why I kept the junk and threw out the good stuff.
My sister has been making beautiful art out of the good stuff.
Not long ago she gave me this necklace--it's a resin photo of my grandma when she was a young woman, when she wore red lipstick and high heels. My sis paired it with a vintage crystal. She makes such treasures for a living. You can see more on her site.
I have to say though -- I'm pretty sure a Pee Wee Herman resin charm would sell like hotcakes.

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  1. now you tell me!! : )


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