Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do it again, only faster

I'm a bit of a movie junkie (and my sis and I quite rightly agree that anyone who knows zilch about the Hays Code is a few syringes short of junkie status) -- anyway I'm not a George Lucas fan but this story about him makes me laugh. And it makes a point.

I'll quote The actors [in "Star Wars"] found George Lucas to be very uncommunicative towards them, with his only directions generally being either "faster" or "more intense". At one point, when he temporarily lost his voice, the crew provided him with a board with just those three words written on it.

I've been thinking about my glacial pace in getting short stories accepted. In lieu of being a Lucas (although given his net worth maybe that wouldn't be so horrible), I think I need to change things up.
  • I re-joined the writing/reviewing community on Zoetrope.
  • I'll submit a story a week somewhere, even if it's to a fanzine with a subscriber base of ten.
  • And, I'm considering digital media. The Rick Moody Experiment had its problems, but like Thelma and Louise going over the cliff, it's where things are heading.

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