Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mah next ink

So I'm working out the details of my next tattoo. I need to dig up a Xanax (man did the first one hurt like a fiend) and make the appointment, for late April. I'm torn between two ideas:
  • A Haida moon, like this one, or along the lines of this amazing Robert Davidson design.
  • Or, a crow silhouette. I love the damn birds--they're cranky and vocal and ubiquitous and yet mostly go unremarked. This one's cool. And I love this image.
Anybody care to cast a vote?


  1. i am prejudiced to the robert davidson...!

  2. robert davidson or crow #1 - BUT crow #1 needs the detail because it's so outline robs the sublte beauty. And you'll need 2 Xanax.

    If you don't use RD, can I have it?

  3. You can take RD but you may need the rights. I'm leaning crow.


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