Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Popsicle stand

My Seattle-centric summer is seguing into plans to skip town for a bit. First I'm off to Kansas, to attend a sweet cousin's wedding and see the fam and roughhouse with the kids and pinch the babies' cheeks and hopefully have some laughs and drinks and dance a little.
Then comes a longer voyage, one that requires shots and malaria pills and visas. I've been to eastern Africa before but always with a companion. This time I'm going by myself. I'm excited, and a little bit scared. For a good three weeks I won't have electricity, hot water, Gmail, Facebook, iPod, my laptop or my Blackberry...I wonder who or what I'll miss the most.


  1. us, of course!!
    we're going to miss you!!
    wish i was clicking my heels with you on the first round...cant wait to hear of your adventures!


video genius and that may be an understatement

Check out this don hertzfeldt contribution to The Simpsons couch gag. I can't stop watching. Check out more of his work here .