Thursday, December 31, 2015

nye eve

I spent New Year's Eve eve at a Digable Planets reunion show. The show felt like the Seattle I love--a full house, laid back hip hop, friends and a good crowd and hanging out and dancing. A ton of hip hop heads from the 206 were there. Ish presided over the bongos. The Seattle Times gave it some space.
A couple of oddities--during the show, two guys got into a fistfight at the front of the first balcony, but security was there and escorting them out within 30 seconds. And to be sure, the venue didn't make a whole lot of sense--due to demand, it was moved from the Neptune to the strange old Moore Theatre, with its narrow rows of hard fixed seats and two nosebleed balconies. However, it's age and eccentricity make it a delightful place to explore, find hidden bathrooms and the intimate downstairs bar where denizens of the green room pop in and out. Happy NYE everyone. Be cool like dat.

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