Saturday, April 30, 2016

noos news nooze

So much news, where to start.
After a handful of rejections, my story "Balls, Daddy" got a very enthusiastic yes.
I'm super excited about this one being published.
The journal editor is a visionary and a personality. And, it's a paid gig.
For passover last Sunday, I enjoyed matzoh, hummus and wine. L'chaim.
Enjoyed a friends' album release show at Chop Suey last weekend--good people and swell beats. Left around 12:30, and missed a nearby shooting by only a couple of blocks.
Then there was Vito's after work one night. Always a good decision. The swank gloom of the bar, stiff happy hour drinks, the suave pianist crooning the standards.
Now and upcoming--writing. Chopping. Trip planning. Reunions far and farther.
Today's music: The Coup

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