Saturday, April 16, 2016

this week I

  • ate*worked*slept*read*walked*wrote*shat*talked*came*wept
  • guest-starred on 2 friends' new podcast
  • helped deliver Cambros of hot food to homeless shelters around town
  • tried cold brew coffee on tap and liked it 
  • came in 4th at trivia
  • drank free margaritas on a sunny day overlooking the Montlake Cut
  • met a panhandler with a Wu-tang sign, long-haired, in jeans and a cut-off tee, who said 'hey lady come hang out with me, I'm a bad boy'
  • bused, trained, and walked to/from work
  • hate-tweeted Metro
  • assembled a rowing machine, discovered the r.m. kit was missing one vital screw, and bought a replacement screw from a bad-ass girl at Hardwick's
  • chopped fallen cedars with an axe
  • listened to a CBC radio show about women traveling alone, and the first 2 callers were men...le sigh
  • munched my first asparagus of the season >>swoon<< 
Also, Grace Love. How did I not know/hear/love until now? >>double swoon<<

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