Sunday, May 10, 2009

Momash Day

Momash is what my sisters and I called our mom. I can't remember why.
Another nickname we had for her was Eagle.

When, back in the late 1980's, she came home from the hospital after a life-threatening illness, we hovered over her like anxious waiters. Being a feisty, independent spirit, she reluctantly allowed us to do a few things--make her tea, help her on the stairs--but she drew an absolute line at assistance in the bathroom. She would shuffle inside and close the door firmly. Quiet seconds would tick by. Then, triumphant, she'd call, "Eagle has landed!"

Eagle left us over five years ago.
I still miss her as though it were yesterday.
We're going to try and observe Momash Day today as sisters, for the first time since. It will involve chocolate covered graham crackers, and a thrift store or two. Lots of laughs, definitely some tears.
Miss you Momash.

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