Sunday, May 3, 2009

So long Tubs

Free Sheep Foundation held their Tubs memorial last Sunday. (I'll link to the Slog since doesn't have anything. Tons of pictures on Flickr too.) Reportedly the structure will be demolished soon to make way for a new retail/apartment building. The memorial was less art opening (closing?) than clumps of pasty people dressed in black standing around a hot parking lot, watching other pasty people take pictures and duck inside for one last look.

Two friends and I were three of those pasty people. The unlit Tubs interior felt like the set of an apocalyptic movie, all shredded insulation, coils of jagged wire, broken up wallboard, dripping jugs and packets of tanning lotion, the odd scrawl of paranoid graffiti.

Outside though was still brilliance and originality, humor and acerbity. Moms were there with kids. Lots of twenty-somethings in skinny jeans and intentionally bad haircuts. Three or four people sat on camp chairs in the middle of the parking lot but mostly people stood, underscoring the temporary nature of the art. Traffic roared by on Roosevelt and 50th. The transient across the street at the quickie mart continued to ask for money.

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