Saturday, December 11, 2010

Art Walk All Stars

Boy did I geek out last night at the Greenwood Art Walk.
There was a ridiculous number of cool young artists out and about and I got to meet a bunch of them:
  • Solace (and here) -- rocked the coolest hair of the night; his painting "I Know You Are But What Am I?" is up on the wall at my place
  • Narboo sweetly handed me a Priority Mail sticker with a bird on it
  • Starheadboy gave me a fistful of stickers after I confessed like a blushing fanboy that I'd been taking pictures of them all year
  • Xavier Lopez, Jr set up shop in the basement of a house on Phinney, mistook my friend for a dealer and filled us in on his obsession with teeth
  • Henry!
  • Mantisart paints on photographs
  • And Matt Spinney, busy wrangling a very nice but drunk lady, whose glass buddhas and balinese masks are lovely
There's a follow-up shindig with more art, artists, music and TBD I guess, tonight on Phinney, peep this for details.

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