Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ya don't stop

You know you've been in your head too much when even the sound of your own thoughts feels like knuckles on a cheese grater.
So, instead of my usual pseudo-intellectual musings and agonies, here are 2 pictures snapped at a bus stop on First Avenue South the other night, and, links to some of my favorite places on the internets:
* Dinosaur Comics
* Girl Talk (on MySpace, and his new dl on illegal-art)
* My girl Natalie's travel blog: Nat Nat Bo Bat
* Augie Pagan's art blog
* If you don't have an iPhone and therefore lack access to Angry Birds, play this game, it's almost as addictive
* Mmm yum
* Black Weirdo...these girls got it
* Last but not least -- pour yourself a martini, find a Forgotten Man, and watch this movie in totes

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