Monday, December 27, 2010


Welp, I gave myself a pep talk today.
Don't worry, it wasn't of the "turn that frown upside down" variety.
I'm a contrarian. If someone says, Smile! I have to resist the urge to slap.
I found myself all mopey, fretting, worrying a certain line of thought like a loose button, and then out of nowhere I thought, You greedy beatch. Sure, Situation X is not working out as hoped, but.
95% of life is pretty damn good.
So I reminded myself--audibly, yes, I talked to myself out loud, slogging along Madison in the rain--I said, You got to spend time yesterday with some of your favorite people in the world. Brunch with the fam. A drink and bartender therapy and ex-boyfriend gossip with a good pal. Collaboration time with two most-favored-nation-status people. And later, drinks and Rebar with a handsome, charming friend.
Now, how to keep that 5% in molehill status.

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