Saturday, January 9, 2016

my seesters

My sisters are mad talented, y'all, and the holidaze proved it to me all over again.
We had a family agreement to not spend a lot of money on gifts. Everyone is broke and nobody needs anything. I made my annual batch of vanilla a la Martha Stewart (vodka + vanilla bean + time) and invested in Theo chocolate bars for all (local, fair trade, delishus).
But crikey what my seesters came up with!
A recycled-comix Trashbagg to hold my colored pencils.
Home roasted coffee beans via Sweet Marias and instructions on making cold brew.
Personalized water bottles--mine featuring Pee Wee!--and hopefully available soon on etsy.
Not to mention the cookies and candies: bourbon balls, homemade fudge, sugar cookies, Russian tea cakes, chocolate crinkles.
Now there is a sharkle lurking in the midst. Stay tuned.

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