Friday, January 29, 2016

new muzik

So I saw Sir Mix-a-Lot at Nectar last night and I have to say he wasn't the highlight (sorry Mix) although he was fresh and I loved seeing him raise the 12 flag at the Seahawks/Panthers game last October. Fly Moon Royalty was the second opener and imma say right now they have evolved and grown over the past couple of years into a fun, funky, dare I say soulful group. The Nectar crowd was a little weird--a lady in a red lace dress wanted to fight me, the creepy-dude factor was high--but all in all it was a classic hip hop night--garage doors flung open, lots of dancing inside, plenty of room to chill out on the patio.
New music (to me) has come to my attention.
First, Jef Barbara. Who dis? I intend to find out more but for now check Jf's bandcamp and enjoi.
Also, Gangbé Brass Band du Bénin.
I'm really hoping these performers make it to the USA sometime soon.

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