Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Earlier, I watched a clip of the President prepping for his SOTU speech tonight and realized I'm not ready for him not to be president. I've enjoyed a Prez who's unabashedly intelligent, determined to advance a liberal social agenda, and also who's surrounded by an intriguing group of strong women. This is the only president my youngest niece remembers. How cool is that! And yet, I fear who and what is to come.
Other realizations:
--I gotta share more of my writing self on social media. No way around it. I gotta.
--Football over the weekend was an emotional journey, from the criminality of the Bengals/Steelers, to the joyous disbelief of the Seahawks finish. And then the two blowout games. Boyeee the AFC is w-e-a-k.
--Damb I miss Outkast. Heard a couple of songs from The Love Below at the Viking the other night, including The Way You Move. The video is gloriously trippy.

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